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kitchen hoopla

Welcome food lovers

I am Chrissi. I love sharing food. During the week I live in Berlin/Germany, where I work as a food and prop stylist. On weekends you will usually find me in the Brandenburger countryside, where I share a house with my partner, Fried, and a couple of dear friends. I have a dog called Nelson. In my spare time, I love to go hiking, or spend a little time sewing and knitting, but most importantly I love to play with food. On this blog I want to not only share my recipes but mostly my joy for baking and cooking, which I like to convey through my photos.

I've never had any professional chef training, but I firmly believe that everyone can cook and bake. It's all about practice, and most importantly passion, I think. If you put love into something it usually works, I learned. And time. Taking time to cook and bake can be a great way to take refuge from the hectic day-to-day life and let you be in the moment. 

I draw my inspiration from a lot of different sources, friends, fellow foodies, colleagues, books, but mostly I like to be inspired by the seasons. I started a vegetable garden last year, and we also have an orchard at our country home. Occasionally I like to experiment with vegan or glutenfree baking (mostly for the benefit of a couple of friends, who are dealing with food allergies). I'm not set on a certain diet, though and I am usually up for trying anything. Except salad. I don't particularly like salad (at least not the leafy part). 

I love hearing from you, if you have any requests, questions, or just want to say Hi, feel free to contact me at christine.weisserth (at) I hope you enjoy your visit on my site and maybe get inspired too. 

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