Iced Coffee Popsicles

Okay one last post about ice cream - I swear, I'll stop after this. I have been thinking about these popsicles for quite a while now. After having a lot of iced coffees the last couple of weeks, I figured it'd be even better to freeze the whole thing, rather than just adding ice cubes (that melt away way too fast anyway). So I like to think of these popsicles as little take-away iced coffees on sticks. 

Plus, it's so easy to turn your coffee vegan - just swap your regular milk with any nut milk (I used almond this time, but hazelnut pairs really well with coffee too). Plus, I had some homemade sweetened coconut condensed milk leftover from my Vegan (No-Churn) Strawberry and Rhubarb Ice Cream. This worked really well, as it added a certain sweetness to the coffee. 

On my last trip to the Canary Islands we always had something called Leche y Leche, which basically is an espresso with condensed milk and a little regular milk. It's just what we were craving after a couple of hours surfing and paddling (or rather being kicked in the ass by) the rough waves of the Atlantic ocean. It goes by a lot of names in slightly varying ways in different countries, like Cortado Condensada, or Bombón in mainland Spain, or Vietnamese Cafe Da. Obviously you could turn any of your favorite coffee variations into iced coffee popsicles. I'm sure a version with cardamom- or cinnamon-infused coffee, or a cacao-coffee version would be great, too. But with that heatwave going on right now - one thing is certain: Frozen is always better! 


  • 6 espresso shots (ca. 150 ml), or filter coffee if you prefer
  • 300 ml almond milk (or hazelnut, macadamia, soy, whatever you like best)
  • 12 tsp coconut condensed milk (optional) - Instead you could also add some sweetener of your choice, or keep it plain and simple
  • Ice pop/popsicle moulds (or even empty yoghurt cups with spoons as sticks will do the trick). 
  • Be creative - what would you add to your favorite iced coffee popsicles?


1. Brew your favorite coffee. I made two small pots of espresso in an Italian coffee maker. 

2. Fill your ice pop moulds with coffee and your preferred milk - the proportion is really up to you and depends on how strong you like your coffee ;-) 

3. I added two teaspoons of coconut condensed milk to each of my ice pops. 

4. Off they go into the freezer and all you can do now is wait. 

5. A couple of hours later, you can enjoy iced coffee on a stick!