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I remember inventing cake recipes with my bestie when I was about 8 years old. Since I can remember food has played an important role in my life. Taking time to eat and cook is something that is very important to me. A couple of years ago, I stopped pursuing a career in international development (for which I had studied over 5 years) and decided to follow my passion. What has happened since then?

Food & Prop Styling for Marley Spoon

food styling - rebranding MS.jpg

Rebranding Marley Spoon

October 2016

Food & Prop Stylist for a marketing rebranding for Marley Spoon.

Photo by: Cristina Salgar Saieh

marley spoon - food styling

Marley Spoon Recipes

January 2016 - present

Food & Prop Stylist for Marley Spoon Recipes.

Photo by: Becca Crawford

Recipe development and guest blogging

etsy - recipe development & guest blog


February 2016

Recipe development and blog post for Etsy Blog, Germany.

Photo by: me

kptn cook - recipe development


April 2016 - present

Recipe sharing with the KptnCook recipe app

Photo by: KptnCook

Events and Catering

wawawaffel - Christine Weisserth


May 2016 - present

Recipe development, Catering for Caf├ęs and Food Markets

Photos by: me

birthday catering - Christine Weisserth

Small Caterings

November 2016 - present

Recipe development, Catering for birthdays and weddings

Photos: by me