Is a fancy restaurant a bad first date?

It can be tempting to take a date out to a fancy restaurant on the first date. After all, it’s a way to show that you’re serious about them and have high expectations for the relationship.

However, there are some things to keep in mind before booking a dinner reservation.

The Atmosphere

A restaurant’s atmosphere is what makes or breaks the experience for diners. It’s the combination of many things, from tangible elements like decor and lighting to experiential ones such as the quality of service and conveniences offered. A pleasurable restaurant atmosphere can keep people coming back for more, while a poor one will send them running for the door.

The atmosphere in a fancy restaurant is often designed to be romantic, with low lighting and tasteful decor. They may also play classical music or other soothing sounds to set the mood, and require their guests to dress in appropriate attire. This means no jeans or sneakers for men, and women should typically wear at least a blouse if not a skirt or dress.

Fancy restaurants may also feature carefully curated entertainment on their TV sets. Instead of watching Rick Ross grunt his way through his latest hits on the loudspeakers, you’d be much better off with a movie that will leave you both in the mood to talk about more serious topics.

The Food

A fancy restaurant is usually filled with exquisite art, tasteful decorations, classical music, and linen tablecloths and napkins. This creates a romantic and intimate environment for the first date. However, what you order and how you eat your meal can spoil the entire experience.

Some foods are a bad idea to eat on a first date. For example, hot wings check almost all of the boxes of food to avoid on a date: they are messy, smelly, and require teeth-to-bone eating. Plus, they can leave food stuck in your teeth when you kiss.

Another food that should never be eaten on a first date is seafood. Seafood is risky because it can cause allergies or even food poisoning. It can ruin your first date and may make your potential partner worry about you. Luckily, there are many other foods you can eat on your first date that won’t cause any harm. The key is to choose something you’re familiar with and enjoy.

The Cost

If you go on a first date to a fancy restaurant, it’s likely that you can expect to spend more money than you would if you went to, say, a chain restaurant. That means that it’s a good idea to have a budget for your meal and make sure you don’t go overboard.

It’s a red flag if your date doesn’t offer to pay for dinner or tip the waiters and servers. They’re signaling that they don’t value you enough to show up prepared and to treat others with respect.

Also, if your date constantly checks his or her phone during the meal, that’s another major red flag. It suggests that they are more interested in texting their friends than interacting with you.